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adidas Launch The ACE15

The adidas revolution has arrived, bringing with it chaos and control. The face of the control side is the adidas ACE15. As one of two boots that replaces the F50, NitroCharge, 11Pro, and Predator, will the newest piece of adidas hardware allow us to forget the boots of days gone by?

The new adidas ACE15 is here to give every player the control that they are hunting. With a design that separates it from any boot within the previous boots from adidas, the ACE15 is for the player that adidas says takes the “coaches plan into action” and “bring order” to the chaos that we see on the pitch.

With players declaring whether they will be “Chaos” or “Control” over the last few weeks on Instagram, the adidas ACE15 will appear on the feet of players including James Rodriguez, Oscar, Manuel Neuer, and Ivan Rakitic. Considering all of the adidas contracted players will be in either one boot or the other, we expect to see a wealth of the adidas ACE15 on pitches across the world.

Some description

In the name of control, the adidas ACE15 is covered in a web-like material that is aptly named 'Control Web' in order to give supreme ball control. A 3D material, the web is combined with a tacky EVA in order to create the best possible touch for players that want every one of their touches and passes to be locked down. On top of that, adidas have treated the ACE15 with a layer of 'NSG' (Non-stop grip) across the upper to create enhanced control in any and all conditions by the use of 3D dots that create added friction between the boot and ball.

Turning the boot over, we see a stud set-up unlike anything we have ever seen. While those of us looking at it from a player’s perspective might see the new configuration as being designed for superior traction on grass and turf fields, adidas is claiming that the design is crafted to put “more studs on the ball during foot-over moves to allow for complete ball control.” Still, surely those studs will perform some extra benefits to keeping you on your feet, but we probably won’t find that out until giving them a few run-outs.

The final verdict on these boots is still to be written, but there can be no disputing that adidas has put some serious thinking and tech into this boot.  Will it be enough to incite a revolution? 

The adidas ACE15 is available to pre-order from today at selected online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer.


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