adidas shine the light on their next crazy instalment for the Predator Instinct, with a hypnotic "Light Flash Yellow" design that we're struggling to stop staring at.

Before the traditionalists pipe up it's worth noting that there is a blackout Instinct, it's done, remember you're already happy. Don't get us wrong, we love a black boot as much as the next man but designers design, there's only one way you can do an all black boot. Toying around with "Flash Yellow" adidas have taken eccentric visuals to the next stage as they enter level 2 of the #therewillbehaters phase. Bold, aggressive and a little bit mental, it's the Jaap Stam of the football boot world. Have some of that.

The new "Light Flash Yellow/Black/White" adidas Predator Instinct is available from select adidas stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer. Drop your thoughts in the comments below.