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adidas land Nitrocharge colour update with blackout energysling.

adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Football Boots - Black/Slime

Continuing their recent flurry of colour updates adidas have landed a mean looking Black/Slime Nitrocharge 1.0 that sees the trademark energysling break from tradition and take more of a back seat with a blacked out design.

The centre piece of the Nitrocharge since the launch has been the yellow energysling - a high elasticity rubber band designed to support side-cut and turn movements. For the earlier colour updates adidas kept the yellow energysling a consistent feature, giving the boot a sense of identitiy but at the same time breaking up the colourway.

Other than the limited edition Enlightened Pack and the Samba launch this is the first standard Nitrocharge release where adidas have changed up the yellow energysling to give the boot a more consistent look and allowing the Slime coloured three stripes to take centre stage.

The Nitrocharge targets the team's 'engine' - the box to box midfielder. The Nitrocharge features innovations from the adidas lab that are inspired by spring geometry to provide maximum energy output. Built on adidas' sprintframe construction with Traxion shape studs, the responsive chassis enables optimum energy output by returning to shape far quicker.

The protective black mesh layer concept is placed on top of a slime backdrop to complete the overall look of the boot and the pre-molded protection pads in the toe and heel area are also finished in jet black and are designed to protect the player from heavy tackles.

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