Puma PowerCat 1.12 Graphic Football Boots - Cesc Fàbregas Exclusive

Signed by PUMA in 2011, Cesc FÀbregas now has his very own PowerCat. Unveiled for the first time today, this will be the signature design of Barcelona and Spain midfielder Cesc FÀbregas who has quickly established himself as one of PUMA's biggest assets. Take a look at his unique design and let us know what you think.

With this being a signature boot (in both senses of the word - ours is signed by the man himself!), PUMA haven't gone for any usual colour update. Designed in a bright yellow, red blue colourway, the biggest talking point is the stand-out graphic on the instep of the boot - what it exactly is, we wish we could tell you!

Unusual bird graphics aside, this is one of the most striking PowerCat boots ever. They will be worn by FÀbregas from this weekend. The boots form part of PUMA's famous line of 'Graphic' boots which include the PowerCat Tokyo, Elektro Gravity.

There are few boots on the market that can rival the PowerCat for engineering. It's one of the most uniquely constructed boots available. This edition features a re-engineered synthetic upper material with a textured surface that feels completely different to anything used on the PowerCat before.

The 3D DUO Power Shooting technology has always been the PowerCats stand-out feature. The boots staple shooting technology is made from an innovative thermoplastic material with two different degrees of hardness, creating the advantage of being both highly responsive with extremely high rebound properties.

PUMA always try to capture something different with their special edition designs. They aren't afraid to try something different. For one of the best midfielder's in world football, this will certainly be a departure from what he's used to! They'll be no hiding place for FÀbregas' new footwear when he steps out onto the Camp Nou pitch.

The new Cesc FÀbregas exclusive PUMA PowerCat 1.12 Graphic football boots will be available to pre-order from next week. Keep an eye out for Cesc's new footwear that he will put into La Liga action this weekend. Let us know what you think of the unique design! Join the conversation online, on Twitter and on Facebook.