Umbro Geometra Pro Football Boots - Black/Green/Red

The new releases just keep coming from Umbro, who are kicking off 2012 like they mean business! Next up are these Black/Green/Red Umbro Geometra Pro football boots, the next colour addition to one of 2011's breakthrough football boots. Check out our exclusive photography of the latest 'control' boot to hit the market...

The Umbro Geometra Pro is one of the newer 'control' boots on the market, but have already been adopted by an array of high-profile players including Jordan Henderson, Juan Manuel Vargas, Joe Hart, Jonas Gutierrez and Diego Capel. In what could be an exciting year for one of Umbro's newest boot silo's, we start 2012 this very distinctive Black/Green/Red colourway.

The new Black/Green/Red Umbro Geometra Pro is the first instalment for Umbro's control range of 2012, and creates quite a contrast to the White/Red/Kingfisher versions released at the same time. We have to say these new Umbro Geometra's will certainly be one of the more unique looking boots we've seen take to the field!

The Umbro Geometra Pro soccer shoes feature a full grain ceramic leather, thicker than average leather to build more strength into the pass, with a 'grip surface' on the instep toe-area of the boot. This robustness is further enhanced by the inclusion of a solid heel wrap and stabiliser to help resist those crunching tackles!

The main feature of the Umbro Geometra Pro is the ECZ - Energy Control Zone - which has been designed to absorb excess energy quicker for better ball control. The memory foam pass pad sits on the instep of the Geometra Pro and consists of high density foam. Sitting next to the ECZ are new dampening pads positioned towards the inside rear of the boot. Labelled as 'Medial Pads', the technically surfaced pads contain memory foam for enhanced ball control.

The laces built into the side of the Umbro Geometra Pro create a large striking zone and allow for a wider opening to the boot to aid comfort. Extra grip on the foot is added by a built in sock liner that hugs the foot to create the associated comfort we have come to expect from Umbro football boots.

Another key feature is the swerve coated 'grip surface' visible on the inside toe-area of the Umbro Geometra Pro soccer cleats. This material is technically applied to the Geometra vamp to allow an improved ball feel in wet and dry conditions whilst offering better distribution abilities.  

Another unique feature of the Umbro Geometra Pro is the specialist sole with a new stud configuration, which applies the same logic as the Nike CTR360. As the pivot zone pressure point allows players to make sharp turns in small areas. The design also enhances ball control, with sharper heel studs helping to lock down the planted foot.  

The new Black/Green/Red Umbro Geometra Pro football boots will be available to order from 14th January, and can be pre-ordered now. A real plus point for the Geometra's is their price, considerably lower than rival boots in the same category, and set around £90 GBP / $150 USD / €100 EURO.

After giving you an exclusive hands-on look at the new Umbro Geometra Pro football boots, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Drop us a comment and let us know what you think.