Nike5 Gato Street Soccer Shoes

Recently, Nike announced another new arrival to their growing range of soccer shoes - the new Nike5 Gato Street. Here at SoccerBible, we've been given an exclusive first hand look at Nike's newest line of Nike5 shoes. Available only through select retailers, the new Nike5 Gato Street shoes are set to take the urban street game by storm...

For players who regularly test their ability through the rigours of 5-a-side games, Nike have created the new Gato Street soccer shoes. Check out our exclusive SoccerBible images and let us know what you think of Nike's newest 5-a-side kicks!

Each unique feature found in the new Nike5 Street Gato soccer shoes is inspired by the small-sided technical demands each urban city will throw at you. Nike have taken inspiration from 4 of the world's most famous cities - London, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo - to create the ultimate street soccer shoe.  

The new Nike5 Gato Street soccer shoes have been designed and engineered with the smaller games unique aspects in mind. The shoes have been designed to take the mean beatings street soccer delivers. Head over to Barcelona and you'll find a game where speed and touch matter as much on the streets as they do anywhere else. With that in mind, Nike have designed a supple upper and adaptive traction sole that will meet these demands.  

Street soccer is a true expression of the beautiful game. Rio de Janeiro breathes street soccer where skill and flair is taken to new levels. The new responsive shape and specially designed last featured in the new Nike5 Street Gato shoes, allows players to get closer to the ball than ever before - a key asset needed to excel on the city streets.  

Durability is key for any form of small sided soccer. This applies more than ever in the metal cages of London. Forget the flair of Rio and Barcelona, this city will eat you up without a second thought. A tough shoe is essential, which is where the Nike5 Gato Street comes in. The upper of the Nike5 Gato Street shoes is padded and moulded to minimize abrasions caused through player contact. An enhanced cushion insole and tough outsole means that these shoes can take a beating and come out on top.

The most unique feature of the Nike5 Street Gato draws inspiration from the bright lights of Tokyo. Innovation is brought to the streets with the new prism patterned instep that has been designed to increase pass power and accuracy whilst increasing first touch friction. This new performance enhancing attribute is the headline feature of a shoe combines all aspects of the global street game!

Nike will release a total of seven colourways for the new Nike5 Street Gato shoes. In homage to the urban cities across the world that have helped transform the game, each unique colour-way will be representative of each city's characteristics.

By recognizing what makes each city special, Nike have designed a shoe fit for purpose where-ever you play your soccer. Durability, innovation and comfort combine in a shoe that looks as good as it performs! Own the streets in the new Nike5 Gato Street shoes.  

The new Nike5 Gato Street shoes are a premium product from Nike that are set to hit stores from April 1st at selected retailers for around £55/$90/€65. Unlike football boot releases where we're usually presented with a single colour-way, Nike have released a collection of new colours for the Nike5 Street Gato.  As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on Nike's latest Nike5 offering.

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