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Sao Paulo & New Balance Commence Partnership With 2024 Home & Away Kits

Kicking off a new era for the club, New Balance has revealed São Paulo FC’s home and away kits for 2024 – the first from the brand – reflecting the tradition and rich history of the Brazilian side. The home shirt is set to debut this Saturday, 20 January, in the opening round of the Campeonato Paulista, against Santo André.

Sao Paulo’s contract with adidas expired in December 2023, and New Balance swooped in to pick up where the Three Stripes left off getting the new partnership underway with the reveal of both the home and away kits for the Brazilian side. The kits have been created to honour the tradition and history of the club, and so don’t break too far from the traditional looks that the team sports, both at home and on the road, although there’s plenty of details to please the fans.

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The kits were designed under the concept “Sentimento que jamais acabará” (“Feeling that will never end”), a phrase which has been adopted as a chant of the fans and as a motto of the club, and as such it appears on the inside of the São Paulo badge, both on the home and away kits.

The home shirt maintains its traditional and striking design with white as the predominant colour, and the red, white and black stripes running horizontally across the chest. It's differentiated from previous designs through the use of the black and red as accent colours, featuring on the polo collar and on opposing sleeve cuffs. The phrases “Clube da Fé”, and “Onde a moeda cai em pé” (“Faith Club”, and “Where the coin falls on its feet”) appear on the home shirt, acknowledging the adversity that the club has had to overcome over the years.

The away also follows the traditional trend, keeping with the vertical red, white and black stripes. It then features the phrases “A história começa aqui” and “Made in Cotia: atletas e cidadãos” (“The story begins here” and “Made in Cotia: athletes and citizens”), both nods to the youth development of the club.

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The partnership between New Balance and São Paulo Futebol Clube now begins in 2024 at a very happy moment, due to the fact that the club recently won the only title it was missing, which was the Copa do Brasil. We followed this moment with great joy, and we also observed all the enthusiasm of the fans with this great phase experienced by São Paulo on the pitch. Given this, we developed new uniforms for the club to honour this rich history of tradition and victories and also to reinforce the points of connection between the club and the global sports brand. Just as São Paulo does an excellent job in its youth categories, New Balance also believes strongly in the power of now to influence the tomorrow of the communities where it is involved,” explained Leandro Moraes, brand director at New Balance.

New Balance's 2024 collection for São Paulo also features travel and training uniforms as well as a striking pre-match shirt, a first in the club's history.

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The concept presented by New Balance for this new São Paulo Futebol Clube collection is one that touches the hearts of those who are passionate about the club,” said Julio Casares, president of São Paulo. “This uniform expresses the history of this institution, which is one of the largest in Brazilian and world football. We believe that, with this shirt, we will be very successful. After all, São Paulo is the club of faith and that's where the coin lands on its feet. Carrying this on our shirt every day will be very important, so that players and fans always keep this in mind and remember where we come from.

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The Sao Paulo 2024 home and away kits are available at

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