Exploring new ground in an open and all-encompassing approach, creative collective STADE New York have lifted the veil on their latest venture, AS STADE Targa. The reveal of the new multi-sport club comes with the help of Kappa, who have produced a supporting range that bolsters the burgeoning side’s new identity.

The world is increasingly becoming a place where barriers no longer exist; where cultures can cross and restrictions in terms of what’s possible are limited only by imagination. Embracing this ethos and treading new ground, STADE, a creative agency from New York dedicated to immortalising moments in and around global sport, have unveiling a new adventure that takes the form of AS STADE Targa, a new multi-sport club, and it comes with the support of Italian brand, Kappa.

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STADE is rooted in football, but their vision extends beyond any single sport or label. They are cultural connectors telling engaging visual stories, but now they take a step out of that arena to tell their own story through a more tangible source in AS STADE Targa.

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Established from discontent, created to redefine, built to lead. Introducing STADE Targa, a new multi-sport club from STADE New York. Undefined by a single sport, STADE Targa is universal.”
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STADE Targa is set to make their debut at the Only NY & Friends Invitational on 26 August at Bushwick Inlet Park in Brooklyn, New York, and they’re sure to be amongst the best dressed, thanks to two kits from Kappa. The first is an off-white number, overlaid by bold, contrasting stripes. The second is a 50/50 split of green and black, trimmed with red accents, providing a look that wouldn’t look out of place on another Kappa-backed team in Red Star.

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Both shirts feature that Kappa Omini logo dotted about their designs, acting as a mark of class that’s been a feature of some of the best kits of the 23/24 season so far.

Both designs are then finished with a bespoke club crest and “STADE fm” sponsor logo.

Those jerseys are supported by further apparel pieces, including a pair of shorts that sees the Kappa banda running down the sides – never get enough of that execution.

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Photographed by Theo Choi
Styled by Lauren Justa Ferreira