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Kappa & Drole De Monsieur Create AS Monaco Capsule Collection

Inspired by the history of the Principality of Monaco, Kappa have teamed up with French fashion label Drôle de Monsieur for an exclusive capsule collection for AS Monaco. The collection features a reinterpretation of the Monaco jersey, which the side will wear this weekend in their match against LOSC.

Monaco is a hub of style and culture; rich in history and authentic heritage it boats a unique feel among fellow European cities. As such, there’s a wealth of inspiration to draw upon, and French streetwear label, Drôle de Monsieur, know this only too well. As a brand that specialises in a distinctive and wearable everyday wardrobe, presented as an homage to iconic sportswear, they are perfectly placed to deliver a fashion-forward take in the football world, and it just so happens that Kappa have recruited them for exactly that, taking focus on AS Monaco for an exclusive capsule collection.

monaco 13-min.jpg

The collection – which is a blast of retro-fuelled pleasure, boasting shapes and colour schemes lifted right out of the 70s – features products that are themselves a direct local reference, familiar to those who frequent the region and those who know it through the photographic and cinematographic heritage that made its reputation. 

The capsule collection is divided in two parts: a technical range, with two complete outfits, jerseys, shorts, socks, and a lifestyle range, including two t-shirts, a tracksuit, a bag and a cap.
The campaign for the launch of the collection was carried out in two mythical places in Monaco: the Rock, in the heart of the principality with its cafés and souvenir stores, and the Laryotto, a modern district where the panoramas of the sea and the city overlap. 

monaco 8-min.jpg
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Shop the AS Monaco x Drôle de Monsieur x Kappa collection now at

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