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Inter Milan Unveil 22/23 Third Shirt From Nike

Arriving as one of the last from the big hitters across Europe, Inter Milan finally unveil their new third shirt from Nike for the 22/23 season. It comes in a vibrant yellow look, evoking memories of past Inter alternate shirts and linking it strongly to the club’s identity.

With the season well underway, both domestically and in European competition, most teams have had their kits out for a while now, with some great sets doing the rounds. But, while the wait for Inter Milan’s third shirt has been a long one, it’s finally here, and it arrives in a vibrant yellow colour. Interestingly, while yellow has a strong link to the club's identity, the particular tone of yellow used here is the same as that of Brazil’s 2022 World Cup home shirt. With Inter having boasted several key Brazilians over the years – Ronaldo and Adriano instantly come to mind – it’s a nice link, although whether it’s purposeful or not isn't entirely clear, but with no national team to route for this Winter, Inter fans may well be looking for a second team to follow, so why not the Seleção.

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So, while we’ve established the fact that the base colour of this shirt is yellow, the collar and cuff trim take on blue and black to complete an inverted version of the club’s iconic colour scheme. But more on the yellow; it’s a colour that’s part of the club's identity and it’s been present in Inter's history since its foundation with gold, the distinctive element of the logo designed in 1908, and now also present in the Club's new visual identity. It’s the new yellow, a vibrant and bright colour, introduced in 2021, that makes its debut here on the third kit, in a sign of continuity with the shirts used by the team throughout its history. 

And so, 22/23 marks the eleventh time in history that Inter will wear a yellow jersey: the first time was in the 1980-1981 season, and then in the 1990s, the early 2000s, and most recently, 2015-2016.

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