Paying homage to Ted Drake, one of the most important figures in the club’s history, Chelsea reveal their home shirt for the 22/23 season from Nike, which features several nods to the legendary manager.

In 1952 Chelsea appointed Ted Drake as manager, and he set about transforming and modernising the club, both on and off the pitch. As well as guiding the Blues to their first-ever top-flight league title in 1955, Drake was also responsible for introducing that nickname, replacing the worn out ‘the Pensioners’ monicker with the one that remains to this day. And so, 70 years on from his original defining appointment, Chelsea honour Drake with their new home shirt.

So, the most notable part of the shirt design is the collar, and the simple, traditional blue base ensures focus is instantly drawn to it. It references another change to the club’s identity made by Drake which has stood the test of time – the introduction of the iconic ‘lion rampant regardant’ to the club’s badge – replacing the image of a Chelsea Pensioner as the central theme under the legendary Blues boss. The heraldic lion features on the Henley neckline in a turquoise pattern, a detail that evokes 1950s style with a contemporary twist.

The shirt also acknowledges the club’s nickname – bestowed upon them by Drake – by placing it in the detailing on the buttons of the new shirt’s collar.

Alongside the home shirt, the club’s new prematch shirt has also been revealed, which sees a distorted version of the same turquoise outline of the ‘lion rampant regardant’, but here it dominates the whole design for a standout look.

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