Arriving as pretty much the definition of a wavy design, Nike unveil the Liverpool 22/23 away shirt, and due to the manufacturing process, no two shirts will be the same. The shirt will debut in the preseason friendly against Manchester United in Bangkok later today.

Nike’s third season as technical sponsor to Liverpool got off to a steady start with the release of the club’s new home shirt. But while some may have felt that it was somewhat on the safe side, the shackles are well and truly removed for the new away shirt, which arrives with the waviest of wavy designs. And not only that, it’s also set to be one of the most unique shirts in the club’s history in that every one will be different.

The design itself sees a white base overlaid with that distorted and psychedelic sublimated graphic, which flashes purple, green and turquoise hues, while black trim completes the look on cuffs, sponsor, branding and crest. 

But one of the best aspects of this shirt is not just the fact that it looks like a hypercolor tee brought right out of the 90s… no, it’s that the pattern is printed across the fabric prior to the construction process, meaning that every shirt will feature a different element of the pattern. So when you get a new Liverpool away shirt, no one else in the world will have the same one. Nice little touch. 

We’re excited for the fans to see the new away kit from Nike,” said captain Jordan Henderson. “It’s not often we get to wear a jersey on the day of the reveal, so it will be a special moment for the squad to show off the new design in our first pre-season fixture.

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Bit of a wait on this one... the Liverpool 22/23 away shirt will be available at from 19 August...