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adidas Launch Manchester United 22/23 Home Shirt

Ready for the start of a new Dutch-feeling era, adidas have unveiled the Manchester United home shirt for the 22/23 season, which sees the return of a collar for the first time since 2010/11.

OK, so before anyone says anything there was that sort of collar on the United home shirt in 2013/14, but it was a bit of a half-arsed effort, so we’re not really counting it. Not like you could properly pop it or anything. Certainly nothing like what we get for the 2022/23 home shirt from adidas, which sees a glorious return for the rather superfluous flap of cloth. That retro rewind is also joined by the option of long sleeves, fully embracing those 90s vibes that are so in vogue.

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Of course, United aren’t alone in bringing back a proper collar – something we’ve been calling for for a good few years now. Premier League rivals and fellow adidas-sponsored team Arsenal also have a collar this year, and it too comes with a jazzy flourish, like United’s does. And sadly for United fans, they aren’t alone in the long sleeve stakes either, with cultural trend-setters Venezia bringing both back for their latest home shirt. Still, you probably won’t get many United fans complaining about this shirt, especially on the back of what was a fairly tame effort last season.

That collar features a graphic inspired by the 1994 triangular design, and along with the long sleeve option it’s joined by a nice subtle pinstripe execution, lending the design a further level of depth. The Three Stripes on the shoulders are then black.

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So the only question that remains is: who’s got the cajones to take over from Cantona with the Collar-Up flex? Looks like Alessia Russo and Leah Galton fancy it…

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Ronaldo? Yeah, not a bad shout if he hangs around. But come on, no one can beat the king...

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Pick up the Manchester United 22/23 home shirt at

Daniel Jones

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