Sunday, 20 March is the date of the latest Derby Della Capitale, between AS Roma and Lazio, and New Balance have produced a special edition jersey for the home side for the occasion, which features the return of the iconic ASR crest to the iconic yellow and red.

OK, so for those not in the know, Roma’s new special edition ‘Derby Della Capitale’ shirt might be a case of spot the difference from their normal 21/22 home shirt, but the change is there and it’s a significant one for Giallorossi fans. The simple switch up sees the return of the iconic ASR badge; a powerful symbol of Romanisti identity that first appeared on the Club’s kits in 1997 and for the following sixteen years during which lo scudetto, two Coppa Italia and two Supercoppa Italiana were won.

roma 3-min.jpg
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The shirt design sees the classic red base with embossed pinstripes and it incorporates a v-neck collar and ribbon cuff details in yellow. The only other notable change from the usual home shirt sees an outer label on the rear hem bearing the words La Lupa – a reference to AS Roma’s iconic female wolf symbol and a historic nickname of the Capitoline team.

Is it as good as the 2017 'Derby della Capitale’ shirt from Nike? No, but it’s nice for the Roma fans to mark the occasion, and this is only their first season with New Balance. Hope for bigger and better in coming seasons...

Kenny McCallum, General Manager at New Balance Football, said: “New Balance recognises the importance of the ASR crest to everyone connected to the Club and wanted to return the iconic badge to this season’s home shirt as a fitting tribute to one of the most special games in world football”.

The team will wear the new jersey for their game against Lazio on 20 March at Stadio Olimpico.

Derby Della Capitale Shirt:

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Original 21/22 home shirt (just, y'know, for comparison):

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