Not content with the 12 shirts that they have so far, Napoli and EA7 have unveiled another special edition shirt dedicated to Diego Maradona, and it’s set to be worn by the players during Sunday's home match against AC Milan.

How many shirts for a season are too many? That’s a question we asked recently after Napoli debuted their 10th shirt of the season (and that’s not including GK kits). Minor tweaks here and there take the official number up to 12 in total for the season, but you can now make that 13, with EA7 fully capitalising on their first season in professional football by launching another special edition Maradona kit, this time called ‘Maradona Rossa’ (Red Maradona, coz it’s red, get it?).

napoli 4-min.jpg

The ‘Maradona Rosa’ shirt arrives in the same template as the previous three Maradona tribute shirts, with the the same image of Maradona superimposed over a large fingerprint appearing across the front, representing the club's desire to pass on the Argentine hero’s legacy to the younger generations of the city of Napoli. But where the last three shirts played with blue and white bases, this one adopts the red of the traditional fourth shirt for this season, which makes sense given that this is the fourth shirt in the Maradona tribute setup.

Too many? Yeah, but you can't fault EA7 for making the most of their debut season. We've all got a little over-excited at one time or another...

napoli 2-min.jpg
napoli 3-min.jpg

The Napoli 'Maradona Rossa' shirt is available now at