In a country that already boasts one of the most outlandish collection of team styles around, Club América still manage to stand out above the rest, and this has been exemplified once more with their new pre-match jersey and supporting apparel collection from Nike.

If you’re looking for stand-out style both on and off the pitch, then take a gander down Mexico way. Further, look on at Club América and admire. The Mexican side boast one of the most uniquely identifiable looks in the game, and their status has been underlined once more, this time with their new prematch jersey and collection from Nike.

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The Club América 2020/21 collection celebrates culture and lifestyle, transcending the confines of the field and projecting out to the rest of the world. The new prematch jersey follows in a tradition of strong designs for the club, and while it pays homage to the design of the 2008 goalkeeper shirt worn by Guillermo Ochoa, which itself was inspired by the Aztec Calendar, it also hints at what could possibly be the design of the club’s new 2021 third shirt. And if it does, then that’s definitely going to be one to watch out for around January…

The competitive spirit and the iconic elements of the club shine though the whole pre-match items of the new collection to highlight the pride of the symbols that represent the team. The Aztec design covers the shoulders and sleeves of the raglan design prematch shirt, and that graphic is carried across onto hoodies, long-long-sleeve shirts, and a rain jacket, which boasts an impressive over-sized Swoosh on the back, with the graphic design highlighted in white.

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