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adidas Unveil Human Race Football Shirts

The Predator x Human Race was on display this week on the feet of Paul Pogba, and the rendition inspired by the iconic Accelerator hinted at the possibility of a wider collection to come. Well that wider collection has now been unveiled a little more, with the appearance of five artistic versions of some classic shirts.

Pogba was quick to show off his new Predators ahead of Man United’s fixture against Newcastle, with a design by Pharrell Williams. Speculation was that it was but the tip of the HU iceberg, heralding a wider collection to come, and that appears to be pretty bang on the money, with the reveal of five unique football shirts. Taking aim at the Three Stripes’ big five, the collection presents reimagined kits for Manchester United, Arsenal, Juventus, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich leaning on some of the most famous shirt designs from each clubs’ past and reinterpreting them in a hand-drawn, artistic approach.

human race header_0004_Image 21-10-2020 at 16.09.jpg

The whole vibe develops adidas’s artistic angle that has dominated their approach to design over the last 12 months, leveraging the balance between the freedom of expression that is present in each discipline, from canvas to pitch. But the Human Race collaboration appears to take things a step further, with Pharrell Williams going to town on some icons of the past, fusing the concept of art and football beyond anything that has come before.

The shirts have been teased by the clubs as they hint at what's to come, and now we get our first close up look at the shirts, which appear to make the most of the tie-dye approach, combining it with hand-drawn club crests across the range. 

human race header_0003_Image 21-10-2020 at 16.11 (1).jpg
human race header_0001_Image 21-10-2020 at 16.10.jpg

Watch this space for the official launch of the adidas x Human Race collection...

Daniel Jones

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