Gearing up for not only the UEFA Nations League, but also the postponed Euros next summer, Nike unveiled new England home and away kit this week. But they didn’t arrive alone, with a full training kit and collection complementing the on-pitch shirts.

With such a wide fanbase, England kits are almost always going to divide opinion, with fans either thinking they’re not exciting enough or that they’re too jazzy. The recent home and away shirt struck the right balance for most, with a clean but reserved home joined by a more extravagant away offering. And that theme is carried across the corresponding training and clothing collection.

eng 22-min.jpg
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The full England 2020 training and clothing collection features the usual drill tops, track suits, tees and hoodies that you’d expect, all presented predominantly in different hues of blues and reds. The same sublimated graphic of the away shirt is carried across on to the vibrant red pre-match shirt, which also boasts a bespoke collar design featuring the Three Lions. If that is a little too much for you, there’s also the timeless NSW Modern GSP shirts, which are cleanly offered up in either the white of the home or the blue of the away.

There’s also the women’s specific quarter zip mid layer and trousers, presented in a pristine white with red and blue trim, and finally there’s a far more lifestyle oriented fleece pullover hoody to finish the collection off. Something for everyone as England embark on the latest Nations League campaign this weekend.

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