Few teams offer the backdrop that Venezia can. Sun-kissed, creative and a cultural paradise. Drop in football and a carnival of colours and wash that essence across garms and you're given a deliciously strong kit. Launching their latest link up with Nike, the Venezia offering for 20-21 is another gem, sponsor less and all.

A fully custom kit in which the "arancioneroverdi" colours are boldly emphasized, with the thick horizontal hoops filling the shirt in equal proportions, it's as timeless as it is minimal. Nike have offered their own take on the traditional sponsor placement and restyled the Venezia FC lettering this season to create a more modern look.

Venezia 21 Jersey_0002_3. Detail Home Jersey 2020_21.jpg
Venezia 21 Jersey_0000_5. Detail Home Jersey 2020_21.jpg

Each jersey also features a serial number that indicates its uniqueness. The back of the shirt is characterised and signed off by an orange-black-green mesh insert embellishment. A touch of detail to bring trim the shirt, VFC sits across the reverse neckline. Always appreciation for the sock-game, they are delivered with the same design as the shirt, with orange-black-green running around the calf.

Italian beauty all over.