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PUMA Launch Manchester City 20/21 Third Shirt

A paisley pattern that is beautifully synonymous with artists from the Mod and Brit Pop eras of the 90s, Manchester City and PUMA have positively broken ground with the launch of their 20/21 third kit. 

There's no denying the effect Manchester had on the global music scene. Decade after a decade, it's been a hive and hub for culture and is a city that has led the way with it's own independent rules. For 20/21, Puma and Man City have once more turned the dial in re-shaping the way football and fashion intersect one another. The white base is blessed with a blue Paisley floral pattern which runs across the sleeve and subtly pays tribute to the musical might of the city.

Man City Paisley Third Kit portrait_0006_20AW_PR_TS_Football_Manchester-City_THIRD_Models_4X5_1.jpg
Man City Paisley Third Kit portrait_0005_20AW_PR_TS_Football_Manchester-City_THIRD_Models_4X5_2.jpg

Not just a nod back to the 90s, the origins of the Paisley pattern are rooted in the 60s and with Mod culture providing such a timeless look so interlinked with Manchester and the wider United Kingdom, this kit celebrates sub-cultures as well as main stream football style. Looking back to look forward, it's a statement piece of art in football form that will turn heads, whichever team you support. What's more, available in a long sleeve version, it's not only an emphatically wearable piece but something that will sit solidly in any City fans' wardrobe for every occasion away from a match day. Long may this patterned party continue.

Man City Paisley Third Kit portrait_0000_20AW_Social-IG_TS_Football_Manchester-City_THIRD_BTS_Football_Sterling.jpg
Man City Paisley Third Kit portrait_0003_20AW_Social-IG_TS_Football_Manchester-City_THIRD_BTS_Football_Jesus_4.jpg
Man City Paisley Third Kit portrait_0001_20AW_Social-IG_TS_Football_Manchester-City_THIRD_BTS_Football_Rodri.jpg
Man City Paisley Third Kit portrait_0002_20AW_Social-IG_TS_Football_Manchester-City_THIRD_BTS_Football_Park.jpg

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