Bringing their usual stylish strides ahead of the new season, Nike and Paris Saint-Germain have launched the club’s 20/21 training and apparel collection. The full collection goes way beyond the pitch, presenting a range of jackets and hats to complement the performance clothing.

Paris Saint-Germain returned to training recently following the forced cancellation of Ligue 1 and their subsequent crowning as league champions. But while their attention is currently fixed on the return of the Champions League in a new mini tournament format in August, one eye switches to the next campaign, as technical partners, Nike unveil the new training and apparel collection for the 20/21 season.

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For most teams, a training collection is exactly that: performance clothing that the team will train in. But PSG aren’t most teams. As such, their new training collection is bolstered by an almost full set of apparel, ensuring that their style can be carried into any situation.

Joining the strike training tee and drill top – both of which see a navy body joined by a strong red graphic implemented on the sleeves – there’s a smart anthem jacket that adopts a traditional PSG look. A vest, shorts, trackies and a strong pre match shirt complete the performance apparel.

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Then the collection leans into the lifestyle side of things, with a full-zip tech pack hoody, white wind runner jacket and an AWF Lite jacket GX, which features an oversized Swoosh stretching across the shoulders. They’re accompanied by tees and a collection of different hats, altogether offering a wealth of choice for fans of the PSG brand. Definitely some stand out options in there, and you know that it’ll be joined by a Jordan collection down the line.

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