Utilising the club’s iconic colours to full effect, adidas have provided Mexican side Tigres UANL with a fresh take on their home and away strips for the 20/21 season, with a welcome return to the classic chest bar, albeit with a new interpretation.

There’s only a few places in the world that you could get away with just slapping the club’s name across the centre of a shirt in big, bold lettering. But Mexico just happens to be one of those places, as seen with Tigres UANL, who proudly show off their name on the front of their shirts as a point of course. And for the 20/21 shirts from adidas, it’s a case of more of the same, only with a fresh take on the iconic chest bar – returning after a short period of absence – and it serves to highlight the name further.

As well as taking some balls to have the club’s name as the focal point on the front of the shirt, it also requires some cajones to play in a gold kit. But again, Mexico. The home shirt sees the gold base joined by blue accents, notably through that bespoke chest stripe, formed like a tear across the centre. The blue also pops through the collar, cuffs, sponsor and branding, including the Three Stripes on the shoulder.

For the away shirt it’s much the same but with the colour scheme inverted, however the design is minus the key feature of the home shirt, with a lack of chest bar. In its place is a sublimated all-over graphic that introduces different shades of blue for a deeper texture. It’s alright, but for us it’s all about the home.

tigres 3-min.jpg
tigres 2-min.jpg

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