This is what we’re talking about. Inspired by postmodern Milanese designers of the 1980s, Nike unveil the 2020/21 Inter home shirt. It features reimagined Nerazzurri stripes in a pop style, designed in waves and zigzags, alongside a crew neck collar and black side stripes. And yes, it’s understandable if this is making you want to start supporting Inter.

We haven’t seen a design this wavy since the 2018 Nigeria kit, and this is a club shirt… yep, Nike staying true to their promise of moving away from template shirts and then some. The Inter 20/21 home shirt features a design that captures the best of Milanese culture, values and style through a radical interpretation of the club’s traditional colours, and we’re all over it. 

Inspired by the pioneering work of Milanese designers in the 1980s, Inter’s new home kit celebrates the city through a striking aesthetic that symbolises the shared identity of the club and the people it represents. The design takes the bold colours and shapes of post-modernism and uses them to reimagine the famous Nerazzurri stripes in a pop style, featuring waves and zigzags. The thick black and blue stripes snake down the front of the jersey in a manner that also references the Biscione, a powerful club symbol.

Inter milan 2021 soccerbible_0002_fc-internazionale-milano-2020-21-home-kit-1_96417.jpg

We continue our pursuit of challenging the club’s traditional striped identity, this time drawing inspiration from one of Milan’s most important design movements,” says Nike’s Scott Munson, VP, Nike Football Apparel. “The zigzag graphic is a staple of post-modernist design and is also reminiscent of the slithering Biscione. The result is a radically unexpected home kit.

Inter milan 2021 soccerbible_0000_fc-internazionale-milano-2020-21-home-kit-3_96475.jpg

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