Inspired by the past but with one eye on the future, adidas release the Ajax 20/21 away shirt. The design takes a mix of blue tones with and mixes it with a modern interpretation of the types of graphic patterns which were popular in the eighties and nineties.

Launched under the ‘Ready for Sport’ global campaign that adidas are using to welcome the return of athletic competition in all forms and disciplines, the Ajax 20/21 away shirt features a design that’s ‘inspired by the past, created for the present to own the future.’ The modern design sees red and white details offer a contrast pop against the blue hues of the modern graphic that runs throughout the body. 

The red Ajax logo on the chest is eye-catching, as are the red name and number prints. Both the adidas Three Stripes and the three championship stars on the jersey are white, just as are the various sponsorship logos and three Andreas crosses in the neck. The main graphic sees diagonal blue stripes running across the interrupted vertical distortion. The Dutch tri-colour is subtly present throughout the kit.

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The new away shirt is complemented by a full training collection, comprised of training tops, track tops and trousers, zip hoodies, tees, polos and shorts. The blue hues of the away shirt are adapted and carried across the majority of the training collection, with the darker blue colourings taking the dominant role with lighter accents on the over layers, and that's inverted for the under layers.

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