Look at that sleeve-collar combination and swear on the life of our lord and saviour Francesco Totti and tell us that you won't be adding the Roma 2019/20 home shirt to your wardrobe this summer. Minimal yet seductively statement. If we could wear this and this only around the office for the rest of the summer without getting fired, then we would. So would you.

Let's talk about that standout feature first shall we? What we're looking at is a dynamic lightning bolt detail borrowed from the realm of Roman mythology. And we feel like said lightning bolt struck the tip of a certain part of our anatomy the moment we laid eyes on it. The lightning bolt, which also features on the socks, is associated with the Roman ‘God of the Sky’, Jupiter, and lights up an otherwise classic Giallorossi design.


The rest of the jersey is typically minimal, but typically & stylishly Roma. The rich red is met with that yellow v-neck and sleeve pairing while the club crest features an elevated trim. This is exactly how you respect the traditions and history of a club's home jersey while introducing something fresh and modern. That's all that was needed, whether we knew it or not. 

“Roman mythology and its influence on Roman Identity played a huge part in the concept,” explains Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director. This year, Jupiter was our focus, and the lightning bolt was an obvious and powerful symbol to hone in on.” Well honed Pete, son, well honed.


It'll be on pitch for the final game of the 2018/19 Serie A season on Sunday, by the way, when Roma host Parma. They've missed out on a Champions League slot already, but we'd give them one for this kit alone. And that's exactly the reason why we don't make those sorts of decisions.

Side note: We've got a lot of time for those socks too. At a push, we'd agree to wear them along with the shirt around the office. Still reckon HR might want a few words though.


Pick up the Roma 2019/20 Home Shirt at prodirectsoccer.com