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Nike Launch Atletico Madrid 18/19 Third Shirt

Atletico Madrid mark their territory on their new 2018/19 Nike third shirt with a busy graphic design covered in tributes to the the Spanish capital. Simplicity replaced by bespoke game, and we ain't mad about that.

The replica market has stagnated in recent seasons with brand rolling out smart but minimal designs on the same templates, but for 2018/19 Nike have upped their game by experimenting with more intriguing graphics. The Atletico Madrid 18/19 third shirt features the Fountain of Neptune, found at the center of Madrid Plaza, as the metaphorical focal point of the design.

The striking two-tone blue shirt pays a twofold tribute to the synergy among the club, its supporters and the Spanish capital: First, by representing the water that flows from the fountain, around which fans gather to celebrate victories. And second, through its orange detailing, reminiscent of the way the city’s sunshine bounces off Neptune’s trident.

The base of the design is an aerial map of Madrid, which is distorted through the famous stripes of the Atlético jersey. This marks the location of the fountain, and further grounds the club to its unique home city.


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