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adidas Launch Juventus 2018/19 Away Kit

Bringing pastel shades to a consistently contemporary Juventus getup, the club and adidas have revealed the away jersey that will be worn for the 2018/19 season. Dubbed 'Pastel Sand', the colour and design plays on adidas' "stadium to street" mantra, with both parties embracing a fashion savvy approach to the jersey game.

You may have noticed a new and improved silhouette across all adidas 2018/19 jerseys, something that's been introduced to give a more street-inspired profile as well as ensuring maximum comfort. For the 2018/19 Juventus away jersey, the button collar references the classic past of one of Europe’s most iconic clubs while it also features accented cuffs that feature the clubs iconic Bianconeri (white and black stripes). Subtle touches for one of Europe's titans of football style.

juventus away portrait_0000_FW18_AClubs_2D_Juventus_SoccerBible_FW18_AClubs_2D_Juventus_SoccerBible_Pjanic_194.jpg

Getting a look at the creative process behind the kit, Francesca Venturini, Designer at adidas Football, said of the launch; "Working with Juventus, the history of the club serves as both inspiration and ambition. Our goal is to take the iconic design elements associated with the club and inject them with contemporary style that makes the jersey work for fans in the street just as well as players in the stadium. With this new sand away kit, we have produced a design that is both classical and contemporary and gives a fresh new look to a famous jersey."

juventus away portrait_0003_FW18_AClubs_2D_Juventus_SoccerBible_Dybala_161.jpg
juventus away portrait_0002_FW18_AClubs_2D_Juventus_SoccerBible_Dybala_369.jpg
juventus away portrait_0004_Adidas_WC18_Cuadrado_0639.jpg
juventus away portrait_0005_Adidas_WC18_Cuadrado_0625.jpg

Soon to fly, the Juventus 2018/19 adidas away kit sets all the right tones. Ready to be worn by Ronaldo, you'll be able to pick one up here.


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