The shackles are well and truly off at Kappa HQ as the replica mavericks get to work on unveiling the Napoli 2018/19 home shirt. Yeah, they could be like other brands and follow a template system... or they could stick a giant panther on the side and an angry snake on the back.

Big respect for Kappa, here. Every recent shirt release has been 'inspired' by a previous year, or 'pays tribute' to a trophy winning season. Not Kappa and Napoli, nah. They do what they want, and what they have done is create a shirt that will be completely different to any other in Serie A. In short, they've had some fun with it, and we're not mad about that.

The club have launched the kit in a comic-book styled video where Marek Hamsik and his pals have a good old tear up with a big panther for reasons we're not entirely sure of. We ain't even questioning it. Let's embrace it. 

This isn't the first time Kappa and Napoli have experimented with graphic prints, the brand have a reputation for delivering something different, and the club have benefitted from some daring graphic editions during their partnership together while other clubs have stagnated.


Even if it's not up your street, you have to admire the bravery of breaking the mould and producing something different. It doesn't come more different hat a big old geometric panther does it? A dominant all-over print with the classic Kappa logo running down the sides. Chuck in a treble sponsor (two on the front, one on the back) and it all sticks two rebellious fingers up to the rule book. 

Oh yeah, and the goalkeeper home shirts are equally as mad. Beans and peas on the front turn to the realisation of snakeskin on the rear. There was you sat there wondering which slightly different shade of colour your club's home kit was going to be. Please. Snakes and panthers.


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