Ok sure, it's been a year in the making and your club has finally released their kits. How's it looking? Infinity wall backdrop? Tasteful wash of graphics as three heroes pose arms crossed? If you're an FC Zenit fan, it's 60km out to sea on an oil rig. We have ourselves a potential ice cold winner.

Seriously though, the connection between club and supporter held in the shape of a kit is perhaps one of the most personal, so it's worth telling a story with it in both the aesthetic and it's delivery. In the shape of FC Zenit, this kit launch saw a selection of players take to the sky in a helicopter and land on "Prirazlomnaja" - an oil rig off the coast of the Nenets Autonomous District. What's more, they shot the whole jolly boys outing in utterly terrific fashion. Gazing out the window far into the distance as the sun glistens off the ice, they've certainly gone big on this one before they've gone home.

Some description

Complimenting this Northern Voyage, the kits too are of pinstriped pleasures. Both home and away, subtle in their influences with the use of diagonal stripes are there to signify the famous belt military uniform of Peter I. while the base colours have been inspired by the ice cold northern climate. Quite a feast of frozen goodness, we're off to buy a slushy.

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