Orlando Pirates and adidas have combined to reveal the armour that the Mighty Buccaneers will don next season.

"Every war has its battle; every battle has its victory; every victory has its hero; and every hero has his weapons and armour." That's how the Orlando Pirates are championing their latest away kit from adidas.

The 2015/16 away shirt offers a modern and stylish v-neck alternative while retaining the fans' favourite red colourway. Commenting on the kit, Adrian De Souza - Senior Category Manager at adidas Football South Africa - explained, "This year we are excited to #bethedifference and together with Orlando Pirates have developed what we believe will be a trendy jersey, that further entrenches a strong emotional connection with the club and stimulates a pride in the jersey, particularly amongst the young supporters."

Some description

Other than returning to a V-shaped neck, the power red away jersey has a lighter red grading on the chest, giving it a brighter and more vibrant look. The collar and sleeves have mesh inserts giving the jersey a dotted fashionable look. The badge is 3D and as before, the back of the jersey is embossed with the skull and crossbones. 

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