Manchester United 1992-93 Home Shirt - Kit Vault

Here at SoccerBible, we've officially opened the doors to our Kit Vault! We'll aim to showcase the best retro football shirts from years gone by to our SoccerBible community. To kick things off we take a look at the Manchester United home shirt from the 1992-93 seasons...

This shirt was the first Umbro produced Manchester United kit after 12 years of adidas production. The jersey featured a lace-up white collar along with a club badge that was made larger than ever before. To deter counterfeits, the Umbro logo was subtly incorporated into the pattern of the shirt.

Influenced by strips from the 1930's, this shirt was made famous by the arrival of Eric Cantona to Old Trafford from Leeds. A Manchester United legend, Cantona became as famous for his football as he did for wearing his shirt collar up.

United experienced successful seasons wearing this shirt, claiming the first ever 1992/93 Premier League trophy for the first time in 26 years. Following this, they went on to win the 1993/94 double which included a 4-0 hammering of rivals Chelsea!

When you rattle through the list of famous players that wore this shirt, you're reminded of some of the legends that have passed through Manchester United over the years. The names included the likes of; Cantona, Ince, Hughes, Bruce, Keane, Sharpe, Giggs, McClair, Irwin, Pallister, Parker, Blackmore, Kanchelskis and more!

The first year of this shirt also marked the beginning of the English Premier League. When the 1991-92 season came to a close, the First Division clubs withdrew from the Football League to form the Premier League under the supervision of the FA. It was these years when football kits began to take on more of a fashion element with complicated detailing and patterns woven into the fabric. It was the first time that players names were introduced on the back of the shirts and competition patches were sewn onto the sleeves.

Stay tuned to the SoccerBible as we reveal even more retro soccer shirts from the Kit Vault, showcasing the best retro amd classic kits and bringing them back to life!