As we prepare for life after FIFA, more and more details are emerging to get us hyped for EA SPORTS FC 24, and the latest is an exclusive Nike campaign in Ultimate Team mode.

Almost as soon as EA SPORTS announced its separation from FIFA, bringing an end to the iconic franchise as we knew it after three decades, Nike were quick to signal their support for the next stage of the game developer’s evolution, and that came in the form of EA SPORTS FC. Shortly thereafter, a further development in the relationship was revealed, with the pair partnering to bring virtual creations to future EA SPORTS games, aimed at enhancing and personalising the virtual sports experience for fans all over the world. Now a further layer has been added with a new Nike campaign within the Ultimate Team mode.

Details of the EA FC 24 Nike Mad Ready promo campaign, as it’s known, haven’t yet been released, but on the official EA FC 24 website, it’s listed as one of the benefits included in the Ultimate Edition (released a week before the release of the Standard Edition) indicating that the promo will end before Standard Edition owners gain access to the mode. This is the first time EA SPORTS has added an Early Access exclusive, offering a differential to the FIFA franchise right out of the blocks.

The EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Nike campaign will likely be an exciting and immersive blend of virtual football and real-world branding, focussing on kits, boots, Swoosh players (Mbappe, Vini Jr., Van Dijk, De Bruyne) and other merch, creating a synergy that builds the gaming experience, taking it to a whole new level. Pun intended. An obvious tie in comes with the recent release of the 'Ready Pack' of boots, comprised of the Tiempo Legend X, Air Zoom Mercurial, Phantom GX and Phantom Luna, which players are wearing on-pitch (Ready to Mad Ready, get it?). The assumption is that this campaign builds of that anticipation and level of preparation for an impending event. How this translates in the game remains to be seen.

EA SPORTS FC 24 launches on 29 September, with the ULTIMATE EDITION being available a week early on 22 September.