Those watching Serie A over the weekend will have noticed a subtle switch up to the aesthetics of both AS Roma and Inter Milan. That’s because both sides have suspended their partnerships with DigitalBits after the blockchain company failed to make payments.

Sponsors are an integral part of a club’s revenue, but from an aesthetic point of view, they can often make or break a design. For the last couple of years, blockchain company DigitalBits has appeared on the front of AS Roma’s shirts, and from the beginning of this season they also took up residence on the front of the Inter Milan home shirt. However, both clubs have dropped the logo from their shirts completely amid continued payment issues, and this weekend’s fixtures saw Inter wearing a sponsor-less shirt, with Roma instead requesting permission from Serie A to feature “SPQR” on the front of players’ kits during Saturday's match against Milan – a move that in our opinion instantly elevates the overall design. It was approved and following its appearance against Milan it will likely continue to be used until the end of the season, with Roma having made it available for purchase.

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For those not in the know, SPQR stands for “Senātus Populusque Rōmānu”, which means "The Senate and the People of Rome”. It’s an iconic slogan that has been a symbol of Rome since, well, the Roman times, and it’s widely associated with the city itself. Using it in the sponsor slot is  a move they famously used on their 2017 Derby Edition shirt from Nike.

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Roma’s deal with DigitalBits was signed in 2021 for three years, taking them top to 2024. Their deal was close to €40 million with a signing fee of €6 million, but DigitalBits have failed to make the latest payment to the club, reportedly due at the end of March.

For Inter, who only signed with the company last year, it’s a blow. Unlike Roma, the Nerazzurri opted to go sponsor less for their game against Lazio, and while some shirts benefit from the clean look, on this occasion if feels like something is missing. Bring back Pirelli we say, even if it’s just til the end of the season!

Inter’s issues with DigitalBits have been around for most of this season, with it now coming to a head after DigitalBits failed to pay any of the scheduled instalments of their sponsorship deal. Now that they have dropped the crypto firm, the search will be on for a new sponsor, which will likely come in for the 23/24 season.

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The Roma 22/23 'SPQR' home shirt is available now at