As if the already eagerly-anticipated CORTEIZ x Nike Air Max 95 needed anymore hype, the London-based streetwear brand have set the train at top speed, with a new add teasing the sneaker’s release featuring Phil Foden and a return of Joga TV.

Anticipation has already been set at new heights for the upcoming CORTEIZ x Nike Air Max 95, with a Crossbar Challenge giveaway event in London taking place, as announced by Real Madrid’s Eduardo Camavinga. Now, the hype train continues to build momentum, and the football ties keep coming, with Phil Foden jumping on board for the latest ad, which sees the Man City star recreating Ronaldinho’s famous R10 Tiempo crossbar challenge.

The video begins with RTW (RULES THE WORLD) reporters from Korea, France, Japan, and England sharing breaking news of the release. The announcement is seen sending shockwaves throughout the world as stock markets crash and auction houses sell the pairs for upwards of 110 grand. Foden then pops up for his Joga TV crossbar challenge, before the journey then takes through a montage cultural highlights, from the "110's" association with grime to Jorja Smith handling customer calls for Corteiz, and not forgetting the unveiling of two never-before-seen Air Max 95’s from the brand.

cortiez 2-min.jpg

Got to imagine the Corteiz x Nike Air Max 95 will be dropping any day now...