Jamaica is a vibrant country, full of life, culture, history and heritage. With its influence spreading throughout the world, it’s ripe for the picking, and adidas have just done that in a footballing sense, coming in as the nation’s new technical partner. The Three Stripes now have the opportunity to create something really special…

There’s a certain energy that resonates from the island of Jamaica, with its influence stretching right across the world through a deep-rooted heritage and the Caribbean community’s cross-cultural influence. Now, a new partnership between adidas and the Jamaican Football Federation looks set to celebrate the powerful relationship between Jamaican culture and football, with the potential to propel both brand and nation to new creative heights.

There aren’t many brands that can claim to be operating at the heights of adidas when it comes to kit design right now. The Three Stripes are coming off what was an incredibly successful World Cup campaign, where few would argue with the quality of the kits they produced, that new Performance Logo marking out what is a very exciting era for the brand. And it just so happens to coincide with the commencement of a new partnership with Jamaica.

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Jamaica has enjoyed varying levels of success when it comes to kit designs over the years, with fleeting relationships with the likes of Umbro, PUMA and Kappa seldom tapping into the vast potential that the nation has to offer. Stand out designs from the last 30 years, since the JFF moved away from in-house design, really only sees the Kappa produced kits of 1998 – worn in the club’s first World Cup appearance, notably in that match against Japan, with two of the best kits of the tournament going head to head – and the last two away shirts from Umbro as worthy of note. It’s a sad truth when you have a nation as culturally vibrant as Jamaica. But whether it’s been down to a lack of commitment, conviction or continuity with which to build stronger bonds with brands, Jamaica has just been overlooked for so long. Now though, with the commencement of what is initially a four-year deal, adidas have the chance to put that right and build something special.

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The coming year is a hugely important one for both Jamaican Football teams – with the Reggae Girlz competing in only their second FIFA Women's World Cup, set to take place this year in Australia and New Zealand, and the Reggae Boyz continuing a successful run of form during their CONCACAF Nations League campaign. It’s these type of on-pitch performances that can capture imaginations, both of fans and, more importantly, of the next generation, and when that’s combined with a ground-breaking new partnership that brings a new definition to the teams’ on-pitch identities, well, it can spark a new era, elevating performance and accelerating growth. And it’s there that we see why this is potentially such a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Similarly to what Nike have done with South Korea and Nigeria before that, and what adidas have already done with the likes of Japan, with whom they produced a special pre-match kit and collection by legendary designer Nigo – the man behind BAPE, the Three Stripes can fully utilise everything that Jamaica has to offer, pouring it into its output whilst also being able to draw upon so many creative forces from different cultures, to create some truly special collections. 

If we can take anything from the label’s Paris Fashion Week show, then it seems that adidas has already tapped into an existing relationship with London-born designer Grace Wales Bonner, who’s appears to have leant on her Jamaican heritage from her father’s side to create a bespoke fusion of football, culture and fashion for these new kits. And with such a rich national heritage, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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As part of the announcement it was said that "this special partnership will not only celebrate Jamaican football but also Jamaican style and culture,” and that certainly suggests that the federation are more than open to the possibility of a lifestyle-focused element to the partnership. Adidas have already shown a willingness to work with lifestyle brands on the club scene, and this bodes well for Jamaica, particularly given the connections the nation has. Further to that, a glance at Arsenal’s recent prematch shirt is enough to whet any fan’s appetite for where the partnership could go, and as if any further inspiration would be needed, Ajax’s immensely popular 21/22 third shirt hit all the right notes, with its reggae-infused looks.

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All in all, it feels like adidas x Jamaica is coming at the perfect time for both, providing a mutually beneficial platform that’s primed and ready to shine a light on the Caribbean island nation.

Watch this space for the official drop of the adidas x Jamaica 2023 kit, which is expected any day...