Continuing the growth of their brand and appeal, Russian social media superstars Amkal FC have teamed up with Beats By Dre in a new partnership, and as part of that they’ve produced a power playlist that keeps them inspired and motivated.

Amkal FC is a new force in the footballing world, ushering in a new age of club and supporter relations. Their sheer numbers and influence has led to several key partnerships, and prime among them is a new deal with Beats by Dre. Consisting of the biggest football YouTubers in the country, taking the local football culture to the next level, Amkal find their strength and motivation through music, and so the partnership appears tailor made.

amkal 8-min.jpg
amkal 12-min.jpg

FC Amkal was founded in 2018 by Russian content creator, German El Classico, as a direct result of the World Cup and its influence on the nation. And since then the club haven’t looked back, riding the crest of the digital age of influencers to amass a following that dwarfs even many Russian Premier League sides, and boasting talent like Elkhan, one of the best street footballers in Russia, Klenoff, a FIFA Pro player and Russia FIFA Champion, and Sibskana, the team’s captain.

Getting an insight into what’s playing behind those instantly recognisable headphones, the team created a power playlist of tracks that keep them inspired and motivated, and you can check them out here: 

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You can follow FC Amkal through their Instagram page, located here.

Photography by Yana Davydova