Offering an insight like no other, knowing the tunes that are playing in their headphones tells us a lot about a player. And we have a triple header on our hands, with Chelsea’s Beth England, Houston Dash’s Rachel Daly, and Manchester United’s Millie Turner all revealing what’s on their matchday playlist.

All three women are adidas athletes and part of the #HomeTeam campaign, which has seen the Three Stripes providing a wealth of online entertainment during lockdown, with the ‘Creator U’ classes providing insights into the design of some of the brand’s most iconic products, while ‘HomeTeam Collections’ is a series showcasing the favourite jerseys and boots of some of the world’s best footballers, and the stories behind them, direct from their homes, and Huddle pairs creators up with athletes for a revelatory chat. 

And very much in that vein, we continue to supply athlete insight with three women footballer's matchday playlists. Kicking things off is Beth England. The Chelsea no.9 had been in scintillating form this season prior to lockdown, bagging 14 goals and four assists in her 15 WSL appearances.

1) Roses – Saint Jhn

2) Blinding lights – The Weekend

3) Wicked game – Yola Recoba

4) The Box – Roddy ricch

5) Lonley – Joel Corry

6) Own it – Stormzy

7) Show me love – Steve Anglo & laidback Luke

8) Juliet & Romeo – Martin Solveig

9) Remedy – Alesso

10) Pump it up – Endor

Listen to Beth's playlist here.

play 2-min.jpg

How would you describe your playlist?

It's very upbeat and energetic.

Why have you picked the tracks you have?

Mainly because I like songs with energy, especially if I’m in the gym. They get me pumped up for a session! Always got to have a good backing beat.

How's your relationship with music?

I listen to music every single day. It’s a huge part of my life especially when getting ready for games. Music always helps me get in the best possible mindset. I DJ in the Chelsea dressing rooms so that keeps me focused on a job so I can be more relaxed for a game.

What was the first track or album you bought?

My first album was Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. I’ve always loved her as an artist and she’s still one of my favourites today.

Alongside listening to music, what else are you doing to stay busy?

As well as music I’ve been staying busy with a lot of walking with my dog and trying to teach him cool new tricks. Still a work in progress! Also, finally managed to watching some Netflix series and I’ve finished Tiger King and now currently going through Money Heist.

playlist 6-min.jpg

Next up is Rachel Daly. Daly has been playing stateside since 2013, so we were interested to see if her musical tastes had been influenced by her surroundings.

1) Show me Love – Robin S

2) Swalla – Jason Derulo

3) Juliet & Romeo – Martin Solveig

4) Sorry – Joel Corry

5) Genie in a bottle – AZ2A

6) Free – Ultranate

7) Prayer in C – Lilly wood, The Prick, Robin Schulz

8) Roses – Saint Jhn

9) Ocean Drive – Duke Dumont

10) You Should Be Sad – Halsey

Listen to Rachel's playlist here.

play 3-min.jpg

Why have you picked the tracks you have?

I picked this playlist because it has a mixture of older songs and newer songs. I would describe it as a bit of random mix as I like all sorts of music. I’d say these ten sum me up. They are on my workout playlist so they definitely get me in the zone. I LOVE Halsey and generally I love any dance music / pop remixes.

How's your relationship with music?

My tastes are quite widespread, I love all kinds of music. The lyrics of songs are important for me and I think it’s unique how music can take your mind somewhere else. I don’t think I could live life the way I do without music. I like that everyone has a different taste for different genres in music. Depending on my mood, you can like anything from Italian dinner music to the most upbeat old school clubland classic.

What was the first track or album you bought?

The first album I ever remember owning was Westlife Coast to Coast.

Alongside listening to music, what else are you doing to stay busy?

That last few weeks have been naturally pretty quiet but I’ve spent my time working out, catching up with friends and family and trying different sports and challenges.

playlist 3-min.jpg
playlist 4-min.jpg

And last but by no means least, rounding things off is Millie Turner. Another one of Manchester United's prodigal daughters, just like Ella Toone, who we chatted to recently, Turner has been enjoying the challenges that promotion to the WSL has presented.

1) Life is good – Drake

2) Turn Around – Phats & Small

3) One Day Like This – Elbow

4) Pencil Full of Lead – Paulo Nutini

5) Three little birds – Bob Marley

6) Old Town Road – lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus

7) Somebody else’s guy – Jocelyn brown

8) Just fine – Mary j Blige

9) Every single time – Bisset

10) Vibranium – Chunkz, Neji

Listen to Millie's playlist here.

play 1-min.jpg

Why have you picked the tracks you have?

The playlist has a variety of different songs. Depending on the mood I’m in or what I’m doing I like to listen to different types of music. I’ve always loved country music growing up. I’ve also added some of the songs we play in the gym and in the changing rooms before a game. And I find myself listening to a lot of happy and positive music because that’s the type of person I try to be in my day to day life.

How's your relationship with music?

For me the most important thing about music and the reason I listen to it so much is the happiness it brings. I can’t wake up without listening to it. It keeps me motivated, it puts me in a good mood, it reminds me of my family and friends. It also helps me express myself and my feelings a lot more and it gives me more of a purpose to do things. Without music my life would be colourless. I love listening to the lyrics of songs and relate them to my life which is a big reason why I chose Bob Marley  – Three little birds and Paulo Nutini – A pencil full of lead.

What was the first track or album you bought?

The first album I ever remembered buying was Now That’s What I Call Music 53 (2002). I used to have the Ketchup Song on repeat. I bought that album ever year after that with my pocket money.

Alongside listening to music, what else are you doing to stay busy?

To keep us busy we’ve been doing a lot of home workouts and we’ve been going on a lot of runs to keep fit and to get out the house. Also some people may have already seen that we’ve been doing a lot of TikTok’s. They’ve been keeping us entertained. I also really enjoy pranking my housemates, that’s become a hobby of mine.

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