As part of the celebrations surrounding the league’s 25th season, Major League Soccer have unveiled a new official anthem created by Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer. The new anthem is set to be played during pre-game processions at all MLS matches in the 2020 season.

So as far as football anthems go, the Champions League is going to take some beating in most people’s books. But that hasn’t stopped the good people in MLS from having a crack. And they’ve only gone and got Hans Zimmer – one of the greatest movie soundtrack composers of all-time, responsible for the music from Gladiator, The Dark Knight trilogy and Pirates of the Caribbean amongst numerous others – to create it.

mls 1-min.jpg

Nothing moves people like the global game of soccer, composing an anthem for Major League Soccer was a thrilling challenge and a great honour given its growth and increasing stature in world sports,” Zimmer said in a league statement. “I’m proud of the finished product and of all of the artists who worked on the piece. We have created an anthem that captures the true spirit of MLS and its supporters during this remarkable era for the league.

The new anthem will be played during pre-game player processions at all MLS matches starting from the 2020 kick off this weekend, and it will be the featured audio signature on MLS broadcasts around the globe.

Certainly epic in scale. You'll be all the more disappointed watching a 0-0 draw with zero shots on target having listened to this beforehand.