Since last year’s World Cup, support for the women’s game has grown at an amazing rate, with attendance records continuously being shattered. And that growth, particularly in Brazil, is being celebrated by Nike with their latest film, titled “Ripple Effect”.

Support for women’s football has grown globally — and significantly — in the months following last summer’s tournament, which was broadcast for the first time on national television in Brazil. The result being that on 16 November, 2019, Corinthians set a record attendance for women’s club football in the country when they played in the men’s stadium— a first for the team. That Ripple effect through the women's game, the one that has seen female ballers breaking barriers to prosper playing the game they love all over the world, has become the focus of Nike's latest film. 'Ripple Effect' focuses on the growth of the women's game in Brazil, watching how the influence of the beautiful game spreads throughout the country.

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For players like Adriana Silva, and the young girls in São Paulo and across the globe, last summer’s tournament marked a turning point for women’s football. The challenge now, Adriana says, is to keep the momentum going. “You can't ever give up because the willpower is what leads to change, it’s what's going to break all barriers.” This is what Nike refer to as Ripple Effect; it's the inspiration for the next generation of female athletes to take up the mantle and help continue the growth of the game.

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