Adding to its already impressive roster, PUMA has announced Everton stopper Jordan Pickford as its first signing of 2020. The England man makes the switch from the Swoosh, ending his spell with Nike to take a position with the German brand, and it looks like he’ll be wearing the ONE 5.1, although that’s not definitive just yet…

Ahead of his 100th appearance for Everton in their game against Newcastle on Tuesday night, Jordan Pickford has been officially confirmed as a PUMA player, swapping the Swoosh for the Big Cat and confirming reports that began to circulate as long ago as October of last year when he was seen wearing blacked-out PUMA products during an England training session. The confirmation of the move suggests that Pickford had to wait for the expiration of his Nike deal, something which has obviously now happened.

pickford 2-min.jpg

In reality the announcement doesn’t come as a massive surprise after Pickford was seen in PUMA gloves and boots in Everton’s 1-1 draw with West Ham on the weekend. England’s no.1 opted for the ONE 5.1 over the Future in the match, although he warmed up in the latter, so it may be that he has yet to settle on the silo of his choice. During the game he wore the newly released ‘Spark Pack’ colourway, which matched up nicely with his Everton kit in a nice coincidence.

The full PUMA Spark Pack collection is available at