Taking the aesthetics of an icon and wrapping it round a modern boot canvas, custom boot artist Pete Zheng has created the adidas Nemeziz Accelerator 19.1 concept; a beast of a boot that’s sure to haunt your dreams, if only because you’ll never be able to have a pair for yourself.

Designers see boundaries and then simply imagine a way to overcome them, and that’s exactly what custom boot artist Pete Zheng did when faced with the prospect of combining the modern day Nemeziz with the absolutely iconic Predator Accelerator, a move that any normal person would just smile at before moving swiftly on. But not Zheng. Nope, for this creator, who has shown off his work to the likes of David Beckham and Paul Pogba, it became a challenge that he was only too happy to take on.

Starting with the ‘302 Redirect’ pack electric red Nemeziz 19.1 launch colourway as a base, Zheng took the iconic upper design of the 1998 Predator Accelerator and wrapped it around the agility bandage upper, complete with the instantly recognisable wavy take on the Three Stripes. He then removed the split soleplate of the Nemeziz 19, replacing it with a full white outsole with red stud tips. And that along with the obvious absence of a tongue is the only point of difference from a visual post of view; the rest of the upper faithfully recreated on the Nemeziz canvas. Good work, Pete.

Unfortunately this exists as a concept boot only, however, you can check out more of Zheng's work here.