Displaying the true power of football, Hummel have marked the 2019 UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) by world premiering the documentary ‘The Impossible Team’, which focuses on the Sierra Leonean football team Flying Star Amputees, for whom all players are victims of civil war amputations.

Football is an amazing game. It has the power to unite and to inspire, to educate and to bring hope and joy, and this has been captured in this new mini-documentary, produced by Hummel and non-profit organisation Football For A New Tomorrow (FANT). The documentary follows the team’s new ambassador, former pro-player Jonathan Richter, closely. Jonathan is listed as one of the unluckiest football players in the world, as he got struck by lightning during a football game resulting in him having one of his legs amputated.

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The film shows how football can help bring joy, confidence and hope for a better future for the disabled in Sierra Leone. During the documentary FANT and Jonathan Richter facilitate a workshop for the Flying Star Amputees at the FANT office, where they discuss how to inspire the team members to not let their disabilities define who they are as people.

FANT is a humanitarian organisation, and among other things, they use football to create unity and understanding across religion, class barriers and social laws. They work closely with Flying Star Amputees in particular to improve the well-being and inclusion of people with disabilities, strengthening the social network and boosting the self-confidence of disabled people in Sierra Leone.

Truly inspiring. Head to hummel.net to find out more about the documentary, and head to footballforanewtomorrow.com for more information on all the amazing work that FANT continues to do.