How good are you at scoring goals? Good enough to wrap your red LaFerrari in Holographic Chrome to match your Lamborghini Huracán Performante? That's how good Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is at scoring goals. The Arsenal frontman has dropped into custom car studio Yiannimize to pick up his latest customised wheels.

The latest statement wrap on his collection of customised cars sees Auba take in his red Ferrari LaFerrari to be wrapped in Holographic Chrome, a move he's already done on his Lamborghini Huracán Performante, as well as his Chrome Gold Lamborghini Aventador. Aubmeyang is a regular at Yiannimize and was quickly spotted on the streets of Central London revving it up after parking on double yellows to do a bit of shopping in a high-end fashion store, like any self-respecting professional footballer should.

Aubameyang's LaFerrari took on the flashiest of transformations with the player's 'A' logo on both sides. If you do see another chrome wrapped Ferrari with signature logos on the side driving through the capital, you might not be able to confirm it's the striker as he's also added tinted windows...

The Arsenal striker likes his cars, that's no secret. The louder, the faster, the more shocking the better for Aubameyang. He imported £850k worth of his car collection when he arrived in England in January and kept them all outside his London hotel like a squad of transformers. Since then he's shown off this £1m LaFerrari model of which just 499 were made, as far as we know the other 498 remain red.

Proper footballing showbiz, this man.