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Nike Release 'Never Stop Winning' Film To Celebrate USWNT's World Cup Win

With one final message titled ‘Never Stop Winning’, Nike celebrated the USWNT World Cup success, and concluded their Women’s World Cup advertorial campaign. But this is not the end, with the essence of the last ad hinting at the power, influence and impact that the team’s performance will have on future generations.

This weekend, the U.S. Women’s National Team secured back-to-back World Cup championships, with the win over European champions, Holland, marking a historic fourth title in total. And immediately after the victory, Nike aired a minute long ad titled ‘Never Stop Winning’ to celebrate not just the win, but the impact it will have going forward. The video culminates with the tagline ‘This team wins. Everyone wins’, and from the offset it features a montage of black and white images with a powerful commentary regarding the influence the team's success will have on future athletes.

Nike 1-min.jpg

Preceding the tournament, Nike launched several ads under the ‘Dream Crazier’ campaign, which included the ‘Dream With Us’ and ‘Dream Further’ ads, and this final ad draws a nice, neat line under what has been an incredibly successful Women’s World Cup for the Swoosh, one that they have truly dominated.

Daniel Jones

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