Now this is the way to get behind your team. As we edge towards what is sure to be the biggest and most influential women’s World Cup of all time, Nike have ramped up the support for the US Women’s National Team with a campaign that invites fans to dream with the team.

Nike have been at the forefront of pushing the message of equality within sports recently, empowering female athletes and promoting the right for fair treatment through a series of powerful campaigns. Now, on the dawn of the women’s World Cup in France, the American giants have firmly fixed their attentions on the USWNT, with a series of murals and posters dominating the skylines of New York and LA, exploding throughout the cities on billboards, advertising hoardings, and even stretching across the faces of entire buildings.

8-uswnt-murals-nyc-la.jpg 9-uswnt-murals-nyc-la.jpg

The effect is an unequivocal message of support for the women’s team on a scale that has never been seen before. Nike have tied it all in with their ‘Dream Crazier’ campaign that has already featured key members of the US women’s team. Under that banner, the ‘Dream With Us’ ad was released recently, and it was the first step in turning the focus of the campaign on to the soccer side, and now it’s been followed up by this powerful move. Just try and forget about the World Cup. Certainly ain’t happening if you live in NYC or LA.

4-uswnt-murals-nyc-la.jpg 7-uswnt-murals-nyc-la.jpg 5-uswnt-murals-nyc-la.jpg 6-uswnt-murals-nyc-la.jpg

But it’s not just restricted to the skyline either. Head underground in NYC and you’ll find all 23 players plastered onto the pillars on the subway stop at 40th and 6th avenue. There's no avoiding the powerful message that it carries. With the murals and billboards so dominant, they're understandably catching a lot of attention with fans beginning to share their own shots across social media.

A statement send off as the girls head to France as one of the favourites to lift the ultimate prize. It's all set up to be a powerful World Cup, but we already knew that when Nike kicked off their innovation event in Paris earlier this year – an event where we spoke to USWNT star Megan Rapinoe.


The USWNT get their 2019 World Cup campaign underway on 11 June with a match against Thailand.