As part of the launch of Nike's latest silo, Barcelona forward Alexia Putellas has put the precision of the Nike PhantomVNM to the ultimate test, by aiming to score at the Camp Nou from a distance of 100 meters from a platform over 20 meters high.

As well as being impressive by its own merits, the challenge also represents the first time that a female footballer has been chosen to lead the launch of new boots for Nike Football Spain. Alexia will be the face of the new member of the Phantom family, joining other top strikers in Europe such as Kane, Cavani, Rashford and Icardi, who have already presented the new PhantomVNM in different countries.

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The Barça striker made the hit from a platform located in the second side stand of the box area of ​​Camp Nou, one of the highest points of the stadium. From that viewpoint the human eye is only able to see a 1.2mm goal. Forget about the 7.32m width and 2.44m height of the official size of the goal – this challenge took next level accuracy from the Spaniard. Anyone who’s been to the Camp Nou will know just how far – and therefore impressive – the feat is.

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When speaking about the challenge and scoring her first ever goal in the Camp Nou, Alexia said: “I’m so happy. I've always wanted to score a goal in this stadium and today I made it! At first, I thought it was impossible because it was 100 meters away and 20 meters high… It’s so difficult! It takes a lot of precision, but luckily, I've made it. When I saw the ball going in, we all here shouted and celebrated it. For a moment I imagined what it must be like to score a goal with 90,000 people and a full stadium.

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