Yeah, that's the sort of stuff you can do when you're well good at football. Anyone else got a $15 million customised private jet to fly your family and friends around the world? Nah, us neither. Better start winning some Ballon d'Ors.

Messi's jet has 16 seats that can be folded into eight beds, a kitchen and two bathrooms. It's then pimped out with personal touches on the exterior including the names of his family on the steps and his iconic number 10 on the tail. As well as spending the cash on the actual plane, Messi is also reportedly having a hangar specially built in a suburb of Buenos Aires to store it.

With Messi’s net value estimated at being in the $250 - $285 million bracket, it’s a luxury he can afford. Regularly travelling between his native Argentina and Spain, the miles rack up, but he and his family will now be travelling in luxurious style. Still, he'll never know that sweet feeling of getting bumped up to an extra legroom seat from Alicante to Stansted on the back of a heavy weekend in Benidorm, will he? No he will not.