David Beckham made his first public appearance since he added a new tattoo to the side of his head this week. The former England captain debuted the picture of a solar system above his left ear at a charity event in Macau, China.

Beckham has been big into his ink since he marked the birth of his first son Brooklyn with a tattoo on his lower back in 1999. Since then the former Manchester United, Real Madrid and PSG midfielder has gone on to decorate his body with a series of artwork that pay tribute to significant chapters in his life. The latest solar system addition, the first (and hopefully last?) on his head, bumps his tattoo total to over 50.


Beckham's body has provided the canvas to tell the story of his journey, with family and football the two key inspirations that map out an ongoing autobiography of his life. As more children joined the Beckham clan, the father of four has introduced more tattoos with his body now covered quite heavily in ink.

The boys expressing how they feel about daddy ❤️❤️❤️

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Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy ❤️

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In any other walk of life a head tattoo pretty much reads "Unemployable" or "Mexican Gang Lord" but for a celebrity with such an image as David Beckham it only adds to the brand that he has become. He can always bring back the 90s curtains if he goes off it, suppose.

Is the rose in front of his ear new too? Think it might be, you know. Does it matter? Does any of this matter? Not really. Is Beckham getting a new tattoo news? Probably not. But, we've spent a decent amount of time searching through his Instagram to pull out some photos of tattoos so we may as well publish this, anyway. Alright?

2-beckham-head-tattoo.jpg 4-beckham-head-tattoo.jpg
5-beckham-head-tattoo.jpg 3-beckham-head-tattoo.jpg

Head tattoos. Probably worth giving it a decent amount of thought first. If it's still good idea in 12 months, go for it by all means...