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Corinthians Debut Sweat Triggered Sponsor

Corinthians kicked off their Brasileirao Series A season in unique style at the weekend by wearing their new home that featured an intriguing twist. The sponsor on the front of the shirt intentionally only became visible as the players began to sweat.

It's not an entirely new idea in terms of heat triggered visibility in football – Nike launched a first generation Hypervenom that changed colour when players feet got hot – but it is a world's first in terms of shirt sponsors. The first appearance produced mixed results though, it has to be said.


At the beginning of the game, all Corinthians players were seen to be wearing plain white shirts, but as the game progressed some of the players shirts revealed a sponsor. Some didn't. Some sort of did. Is it clever? Yes. Does it work well? Sometimes. Do the shirts look a bit naff with a big plain white panel across them? Yes. Is it all a bit pointless? Probably.


Innovation for the sake of innovation? At the very least, it got us talking about it...


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