Neymar did no harm in sticking an extra zero on the end of his next Nike Christmas bonus last night after celebrating his penalty against Amiens by taking off his new signature Mercurial Puro Fenomeno and balancing it on his head. As you do.

Tucking away his penalty to help PSG on their way to the semi-final of the French Cup, Neymar threw his signature design into the spotlight, sparking speculation that it was some sort of marketing ploy by the Swoosh. That however, has proved not to be the case. Neymar explained on Instagram after the game that the celebration was in fact a bit of fun with his mate João Celso Moraes, who seemingly likes to balance his pint on his head. Regardless, Nike won't be complaining.

The Swoosh have bagged themselves an iconic image that'll grow stronger over time, albeit from a fairly low-key game. There will be some part of Nike that wishes he saved it for a Champions League or World Cup Final mind, that would have produced a different scale of hype altogether.